Independent Living Options (ILO)

Individualised Living Options (ILO)

Innovative Support Australia understands that where we live, who we live with and how we live is an important part of our choice and control in what our life looks like. ILO, as a new and innovative NDIS support means there are more ways in which this can be achieved by ensuring the supports you need are there when you need them.

Individual Living Options focuses on working with you and your close network, like friends and family, to consider your needs and preferences in order to design a flexible package of support tailored to you.

Our experienced team have supported families across Australia to develop (exploration and design) a variety of ILO support models that have been approved and implemented by the NDIA.

ILO differs from more traditional accommodation supports like that of Supported Independent Living (SIL) because it is not intended to be a 24/7 rostered support model. More so, ILO is a flexible package of supports that work together to maintain an independent living arrangement for you. Our aim is to ensure that you have the support you need to live as independently as possible with the flexibility in supports that can meet your needs, should they change.

As champions for innovation, ISA are always exploring new and alternative models of support and looking at how we can help you to design something that works well for what you want and need.

The following are a variety of the more common living arrangements that can be supported through ILO:

  • Co-Residency
    Your support will reside full time or part time with you in your home.
  • Host Arrangements
    You will live full time in the home of your non-related host, who will provide you with support.
  • Living Alone
    Support will provide you with assistance in a Variety of ways.
  • Living Together
    You live with other people of your choice and receive assistance developed for your needs

ILO is a fantastic alternative to traditional models of support giving you the freedom and choice to live life your way. At ISA We are committed to helping you realise your vision for what you want your ILO supports to look like.

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